Micaela P Klanchesser

Wildlife Illustrator


Micaela P Klanchesser is a wildlife illustrator and multi-media artist located in the northern east coast of the us, in 2022 Micaela received a BFA in Illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
Micaela works in both traditional and digital mediums, that being printmaking, 3d papier-mâché, watercolor, graphite and ink or just in Clip Studio Paint EX with their Huion Kamvas 12 display drawing tablet. Their work is mainly of the native flora and fauna of the North American continent that’s extant or extinct but a handful too from other countries as well.


   Associations and Guilds I’m part of:

New Hampshire Art Association

Kittery Art Association

Lily and Lane group

the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

New England Watercolor Society.




Email: mklanchesser@gmail.com



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